Life in CMU

Chiang Mai University (CMU) was founded in 1964 as the first higher education institution outside Bangkok, and the Department of Chemistry is also among the very first departments established at the time of the university’s founding. With her scenic campus surrounded by iconic Doi Suthep, as well as longstanding traditions and strengths of her faculty members, CMU becomes one of the most desirable places for higher education in the nation. From the first moments of the unique “Rub Nong Rotfai” to the most famous “Rub Nong Kuen Doi”, all new students are warmly welcomed to their first days in the campus. During the studies, talented and caring faculty members of our department will ensure all students equipped with the latest knowledge and skills in chemistry and related fields. There are also large number of facilities where students are eligible to use, such as libraries, cooperative shops, the university’s central public transportation system, healthcare facilities, as well as numerous canteens and convenience stores dotted around the campus. Moreover, throughout the years at CMU, there are numerous activities organized by the students, the department, the Faculty of Science, or the university. There are also plenty of things to do beyond the campus in the City of Chiang Mai. Please feel free to enjoy everything this beautiful campus has to offer!